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Howard Parkin - Strings & Things Music Shop
2013-09-25, 13:34
It has been several years since Alison designed my website and everyone says how visually stunning it looks.

Alison is always there to help me with any problems or queries with the site, (few that they are), and the level of after-service is excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend her, as I cannot think of anyone who could possibly do better.
Prof. Simon Kay
2013-09-25, 10:35
Like the last site, this one ( has been constructed by Alison Trafford whose eye for design and capability in site building gets stronger and stronger. It is impossible to recommend her too strongly, and anyone looking for a great site with fresh ideas will find her a professional partner.
Professor Simon Kay FRCSE (hon) FRCS (Plas Surg) Consultant Plastic Surgeo
2012-11-29, 13:55
"I have known Alison for many years during her time working as a graphic designer in the Medical Illustration Department at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, and am pleased to continue to work with her in the production of my website,

Alison was both professional and attentive throughout the whole design and development process, resulting in a website which is stylish, easy to navigate, highly functional, and one that I am very pleased with.

She always responds quickly and efficiently to every question or change that I make, and in addition has made a great number of invaluable suggestions and design modifications herself. Without her web based expertise and easy accessibility and concentration I doubt I would ever have been able to complete this task.

I have worked in a number of institutions on a variety of web designs and I am certain that my experience working with Alison has been the most fruitful and rewarding. I would highly recommend Alison to any one interested in developing a web site.